Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feed Me!

She didn't seem to care about food when we first rescued her.  Maybe living on the streets taught her to wait patiently for her next meal.  It didn't take Lady long to learn the looks and gestures of getting a treat thrown her way. 
If you sit down to eat she will offer you her paw and if you don't take it she will put it on you until you do.   If the offering of the paw does not work then she will do "chin."  She will stare at you with her chin on her paw hoping you will notice.  Now who is training who?

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Our Rescue dog is an American Dingo???

This is Lady.  We rescued her from Tennessee last September.  She was 8 months old when we got her.  She is a year old now and has become a big part of our family.  We didn't know what breed she was when we got her.  In fact they told us she was a Cattle Dog mix.  Recently someone saw her picture and said that she was a Carolina Dog for sure.  We had never heard of a Carolina Dog, but when we googled it we saw our girl!  Every thing we read about the Carolina Dog (or American Dingo which they are often referred to as) was exactly Lady from the ears to the tail to the digging holes and sticking her snout in them.    She is smart as a whip- she can learn a trick in seconds.  Her favorite past time is chewing (which boils down to stealing stuffed animals from the kids and destroying them in minutes).  She can be a bit crazy, but she loves us and we love her.